Client Development Email

(Here is an example of a blog post client development email written for StoryCenter, a digital storytelling organization located in Berkeley, CA.)

Hello [name obscured],

I’m just following up on some interest you recently showed in our Educator programs here at StoryCenter. I wanted to reach out to see if you had any other questions that might have popped up since then. Given your position as an Art Teacher within the [obscured] County Public School system, I’m guessing you might be curious about how digital storytelling might be a useful to incorporating narrative concepts and practices into your classroom. I myself, as a teacher in Higher Ed and a multimodal education specialist with StoryCenter, have always been excited about finding new ways of incorporating digital storytelling concepts and practices into my own work in education, outreach and facilitating workshops.

I am following up to see if you might be interested in meeting with us to discuss how you had hoped to integrate digital storytelling into your work within the [obscured] County Public School system.

If you were able to attend the webinar, I am sure you have a sense of ways we collaborate and partner with different educational entities, but we would like to explore the range of activities we might assist you with.

  • We have worked with hundreds of school districts, college and university campuses, after school, special education and informal and non-formal learning organizations.
  • We’ve also consulted on projects that campuses might have in the works around story and digital storytelling while having members of your student body, staff or faculty come to one of our public workshops.
  • We’ve also visited various campuses to lead workshops or help build capacity for an institution to sustain their own digital storytelling program.
  • Many schools have chosen to bring in our deeply experienced staff for ongoing residence, creating annual or semi-annual workshops that inspire and build lasting bonds with faculty, staff, and students.

We also want to mention we are inaugurating a Summer Educator Institute this July that might be of interest you.  This year’s focus is on the Arts and Humanities, but we hope to expand to the Social Science and STEM discussions in the following years. Feel free to learn about this and our other public offerings at our website.

If any of these possibilities intrigues or interests you, we would be happy to spend 30 minutes to an hour exploring the opportunities with you. Let us know if you might have some time in the coming weeks to meet with us over Skype or some other web calling platform.

We appreciate the consideration, and we and look forward to hearing back from you.


Ryan Trauman
StoryCenter – Chicago
cell: 5502.759.4083